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I’m a private collector, based in Slovenia, Europe. I’m always looking for exceptional guitars and equipment, produced in small quantities, using only the best materials and made with lots of love. I can offer couple of such fine instruments, some of them are on stock and ready to ship, some of them are waiting for orders. If you want custom guitar – let me know. I’ll find  proper instrument for you. You’ll tell me what suits you, what sound are you looking for, what kind of shape, neck, pickups, electronics,… And I’ll try to find a proper instrument.

I’m focused on Made in Europe production.

Currently I sell Aristides (Netherlands), Fibenare (Hungary), Magneto (France), Schulz , Faber (Germany), Sever, JM, Jam it FX, Howlin’ and Aries (Slovenia).  You can try products on stock in my studio, you can bring your own equipment for reference. I’m more than glad to find proper instrument for you.

I also sell used guitars, mostly focused on hand made non mass production.  In used guitar section I’m also opened to trades. Just let me know what you have.

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Srecko Kovacic

E-mail: srecko (at)