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Howlin' amp

Why Howlin’ amp?

This amp can provide pristine clean and harmonically complex overdrive tone. If you are after the tone which is used by Robben Ford, Larry Carltone or John Mayer look no futher… this is the amp for you.

Product Spec:
2 chanels clean/lead
Footswitchable Overdrive and Preamp boost
2x6CA7 50W power section (optional 2x EL34) … 100W version available as well
3x 12AX7 preamp section
passive loop
built in tube driven spring reverb
Solid State Rectifier
bias adjust pot and measurment points (Matched tubes are recommended for optimum results.)
Front Panel Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Drive, Drive Level, Master, Presence
Rear Panel Controls: ON/OFF, OD input Level, Efect Loop, Reverb, Footswitch controls

Official web site

Howlin’ amp in action with JM custom telecaster guitar

 Howlin' amp  Howlin' amp
 Howlin' amp  Howlin' amp
 Howlin' amp