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We are celebrating our 35th year of existence. In honour of this event we will be creating a special limited edition of SEVER guitars of 35 unique pieces of art!   The guitars and basses will share the same padouk bodies aged for 20 years and will share the look of the instruments that marked the beatifull era of music from mid 80’s until late 90’s, with a lot of custom options on neck, frets, hardware, pick ups, wiring… to fit your personal playing style Guitars will sell on Please send e-mail for your specifications and we’ll prepare an offer.

Will you be the proud owner of a legendary masterpiece built after your own specifications?

Why Sever?

Sever Musical Instruments & Equipment Ltd. was established in 1989, but it all started in mid 70’s as a hobby.
At first we didn’t have a clue about guitars or how far this will bring us. Our first product was a ”failure” (in comparison to what we are capable of building nowadays), but with persistence and passion for working with wood supported with technical knwledge and an engineering approach we grew and started creating decent instruments.
After about 16 years we came to a stunning realisation; this whole time we thought we knew how to make guitars when in fact we were just begining to grasp the concept of making prime quality hand made guitars.
Our philosophy was always to improve every possible aspect of the guitar striving for perfection, because for us good isn’t good enough! A lot of our time is dedicated to research and development which is in our opinion the only way to stay on top of the game.

We didn’t stop at improving the building process of a guitar. We figured out that we could further increase the performance of our instrument by developing new guitar parts, because what is already on the market is just not as good as it could be!

One of the important parts on the guitar are the strings, which connect the body and neck in a single vibrating unit to produce the sound.

So we developed our own strings to ensure maximized vibration and sustain, improved string to string definition, beter tonality, stability, improved intonation and a pleasant playing felling with an overall improved sound!

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