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Uroš Planinc, official Magneto artist – Positive Player


Rock guitar pioneer, bandleader, instrumental music maker, positive player, serious with humour, has been touring all over europe with various bands and artists out of the rock scene. Currently touring all over Slovenia with the Uros PLANINC Group and keeping his instrument’s voice intense … …dancing on the fretboard.

Uroš is playing Magneto Sonnet.

Watch Uroš’s Magneto demonstration on Youtube
Uroš Planinc Group – official web page
Uroš Planinc on Facebook

Mirč Cinku – master behind Howlin’s amps

Mirč Cinku – MCinku, great blues guitarist, touring around with Bluzon band, building amps (see Holwin’s amps sections), recording great amp and guitar reviews. 

Mirč is playing JM custom telecaster.

Watch MCinku’s YouTube channel
Mirč Cinku on Facebook

Jože Miketič – master behind JM guitars

Jože Miketič – JM guitars, great guitarist, just released new album with his band Go-Be

Jože is playing JM custom telecaster.

(see JM guitars section).

Gilian Adam

 gillian Gilian Adam Guitarist, songwriter and lyricist of Slovenia’s most renowned heavy metal act – Vigilance. Released two albums, currently promoting Vigilances’ first full-length album “Queen of the Midnight Fire”. Gillian is playing Faber LSC guitar.


Photo: Nina Grad.